3-Zone Timing Drill

The 3-Zone Timing Drill is one of my all-time favorite passing and timing drills!

I’ve been using the 3-Zone Timing Drill for years as both a player and a coach. I love it because it simulates passing patterns that happen over and over in game situations––particularly in breakouts and regroups. This is a “classic” flow drill with lots of passing, timing, and shooting.

Make sure you check out the One-Touch Timing Drill as a precursor to this drill.

Here’s the diagram and explanation:

3-zone_timing3-Zone Timing Drill

1. To start the drill, 3 players leave from the corner (after that only 2 leave from then on)
2. First player shoots, picks up a puck from the circle, and hits the second player in the first green receiving zone
3. Receiver controls puck, then hits the third player in the second green receiving zone
4. Receiver takes a shot, picks up a puck from the circle, and hits the first player of the other line in the first red receiving zone.
5. Drill continues perpetually.



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