3 Shooter, Rebound and Recovery

The 3 Shooter, Rebound and Recovery Drill is a great way for players to work on their shots, while goalies work on their movement!

This is a great, simple, goalie drill. It allows your shooters to work on their shots while the goalie works on his/her movement around the crease, angles and rebound recovery. Here’s the diagram and explanation:

3 Shooter, Rebound and Recovery Drill:
1. Goalie in the net, three shooters set up as shown
2. Shooter 1 shoots low glove side. Goalie tries to kick rebound into the corner, then FOLLOWS his rebound and squares up to Shooter 2
3. Shooter 2 shoots anywhere. Goalie makes the save and stays square to the rebound, wherever it goes.
4. Goalie Squares back up to Shooter 1, and this time Shooter 1 shoots low stick side
5. Goalie tries to kick rebound into the other corner, then squares up to Shooter 3.
6. Shooter 3 shoots anywhere. Goalie makes the save, then squares up to the rebound.
7. Drill repeats, with Shooter 1 alternating which side he shoots to.

1. Move the shooters closer or farther away
2. Activate shooters 2 and 3 to play the rebounds if applicable
3. Add a 4th player that passes the puck from the corner to the shooters



One thought on “3 Shooter, Rebound and Recovery

  • I did this in my practice just the other day. This is a very effective drill; helps players temper their approach to the net when going for rebounds. Check out my hockey skills blog on hockey tricks, hockey drills, etc. Thanks!

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