3 Man 3 Zone Timing Drill

This is a variation on an old classic, the 3 Zone Timing Drill, which is one of my all-time favorites!

Although flow and timing drills have lost some popularity in recent years, due to the hype surrounding small area games, I do believe there’s a time and place to make effective use of full-ice flow and timing drills, especially for advanced teams.

This style of drill is not only fun, but is great for conditioning, and awesome for getting high-quality reps in for specific game patterns.

Here’s how the drills works:

Drill Description:

  1. 3 players leave together
  2. Player 1 swings low
  3. Player 2 swings to the boards
  4. Player 3 swings high across the far blue line
  5. Passer moves the puck to Player 2, who makes a touch pass to Player 1, who makes another touch pass to Player 3
  6. Player 3 and Player 1 attack 2v0
  7. Player 2 follows up and becomes the passer for the next rotation

Note: for the timing to work, the next 3 players should leave as the Passer is making the first pass.

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