Man in the Box Drill

Man in the Box 1 on 1 Drill

This is another one of my favorite 1 on 1 hockey drills. The set-up is very simple, but there are SO MANY important concepts that can be worked on… it is VERY effective!

Don’t let your defensemen complain that the drill isn’t fair––by the end of the season, EVERY defenseman should be able to keep up with the forwards. They’ll have to do this in the games… might as well work on it in practice!!

You can also do this same drill with a 2 on 1, just start two lines from the corner. Same rules still apply. Here’s the diagram:

man_in_boxMan in the Box

1. (F) starts in corner with puck – one skate behind the line!
2. (D) starts in faceoff circle with stick in the dot (as speed improves, move (D) closer and closer)
3. on whistle, forward and defenseman race to the red line, staying on their own respective sides of the cone
4. the forward can’t cut inside and the defenseman can’t begin to angle until AFTER they’ve passed the cone
5. After the cone they can play a 1 on 1





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