1 on 1 Swedish Overspeed Drill

Here’s a Great 1 on 1 Drill that Works Skating, Pivots, and Gap Control

In this drill, we develop passing, skating, gap control, and a number of other skills. This drill can also be developed into a regroup drill (see Option 2). Here’s the diagram and explanation:


1 on 1 Swedish Overspeed Drill:

1on1swedishoverspeed1OPTION 1
1. On the whistle, the F makes a pass to the D.
2. The F skates across the ice and receives a return pass.
3. The D follows up the ice.
4. The F skates around the centre ice circle and goes 1 on 1 with the D.

1on1swedishoverspeed2OPTION 2
1. After the F skates around the centre ice circle, the F makes a pass to the D, and turns to the boards.
2. The D makes a board pass and closes the gap in the neutral zone.
3. The F turns back for a 1 on 1.


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