2012 Summer Camp

Hockey Camps
The Weiss Tech Hockey Summer Camp provides a fantastic opportunity for world-class training, at a world class facility Weiss Tech Hockey: History We started Weiss Tech Hockey back in 2004 as a high-quality summer camp for local players in the Salt Lake area. Over the years, Weiss Tech Hockey has evolved, becoming very involved in the online hockey community. With a world-wide following, we have been receiving an ever-increasing number of requests from hockey folks wanting us to put forth a camp format that would would be more accessible for players from out of state (or out of country). Summer Camp: New Format We decided that this was the year to accommodate those requests, and we have put together a camp that could be considered a "Hockey Vacation." This a…
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Increase Hockey Speed with Plyometric Training

Off-ice Training, Speed
https://youtu.be/WWs1caNKR9g Click Here for a printout of the hockey plyometrics diagram used in the video. Plyometric training is a great way to increase your leg strength and explosiveness, which will contribute to improved hockey speed and skating power. There are many different plyometric exercises and routines out there. This video outlines one of my favorite methods for developing that leg strength and explosive power that all hockey players need. I've had a lot of success with this routine, but I'm interested to know what other plyometric exercises you may have seen or used in the past. Enjoy! PS: HockeyShot has carried plyometric boxes in the past. They may, or may not be in stock currently. These aren't exactly the same as the ones I have, but they will definitely do…
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