Winnipeg Jets’ Penalty Kill (DISSECTED)

Coaches' Corner, Philosophy, Special Teams, Team Strategy, Team Systems
A Detailed Analysis of the Winnipeg Jets' Penalty Kill Forecheck and Defensive Zone Coverage Setups In this video we walk through a detailed analysis of the Penalty Kill Systems the Winnipeg Jets are using. Remember, systems play is very subjective - everyone has their own opinions... this is my two cents worth! Here's a quick breakdown of what to look for: FORECHECK: 1-3 Forecheck: F1 tends to commit too early, allowing the Wild defenseman to walk out from behind the net uncontested. F1's Angle: Breaks my cardinal rule for trap-style forechecks - DON'T GET BEAT BEHIND YOU! NZ Transitions: Jets rely too heavily on picking off passes in the neutral zone, and not enough on solid angling and positioning. This won't work as well against the better teams. PK DEFENSIVE…
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Initiating a Hockey Breakout

Defensive Zone, Team Systems
Tactical discussion on initiating a hockey breakout and hockey systems. Initiating a proper hockey breakout is a very important aspect of hockey systems. All to often you see young players who are coached to do nothing more than "dump it in" or "dump it out." While I agree that there is a time and place for "dump and chase" hockey, I believe we do our players a disservice by teaching those tactics at too young an age. Teach possession hockey first, then implement "dump and chase" for specific situations as players develop and mature. My two cents worth :)
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