S3 Formula: In-Season… Register Today!!

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The S3 Formula In-Season Program is now available... Here's a sneak peak inside!! Here is a new video giving you a "sneak peak" inside the S3 Formula members' area. Incase I haven't made it clear enough, using the S3 Formula gives you a HUGE advantage over your opponent. Here's a little experiment to try... Next time you're in the locker room, ask your players to raise their hands if they work out on their own at least once per week, now ask them to keep their hands raised if they work out twice or more per week. Surprised..? On average, most teams only have 1-2 players who make it to the weight room with ANY form of consistency... let alone executing a true SCIENCE-BASED, HOCKEY-SPECIFIC, strength and conditioning program! If…
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S3 Giveaway Winners

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"Winna, Winna, Chicken Dinna!!" Here are the 5 lucky winners of the S3 Formula (winners were selected randomly using the number randomizer at randomizer.org): Brandon Kidd Mike Hess Steve Matylewicz Larry Williams Brian Mosely Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone who entered!! Jeremy
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The S3 Formula for Off-ice Training

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Write up from http://coachchic.comHmmmmmmmmm…  My good friend and fellow hockey coach, Jeremy Weiss, just let me in on his new S3 Formula training program, and I think it’s definitely worth sharing with you.If you have a chance to watch the following hockey training video, you’ll see how you might gain a HUGE advantage over your opponent!  And, in keeping with the CoachChic.com way of doing things, it’s all about the science of training!Actually, a lot of the information you’ll find in the S3 Formula is scattered within our site.  However, Jeremy has gathered the best advice you can find on off-ice training all in one place.So, go ahead…  Take a look (the video contains really good stuff — and you’re going to learn some pretty valuable background information about training for hockey,…
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