HockeyOT: Hockey Training That Will Take Your Game to the Next Level!

Nutrition, Off-ice Training, Skills, Speed, Strength
HockeyOT was designed by pro hockey players & coaches. It’s like having your own personal hockey strength & conditioning coach at a fraction of the cost It's no secret I'm a huge believer in off-ice training. In my last post we talked about the importance of understanding who your competition is, and how to gain an advantage over them. You an check that post out here: Who IS my Competition Anyways…? Biggest Potential to Gain an Advantage: In that post, we talked about some of the on-ice factors that go into being an effective player... these on-ice factors are definitely important, however, where you're really going to gain an advantage is off the ice! Off-ice strength training and conditioning is probably the biggest category that will give you an advantage…
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