Penalty Kill: How to Kill a 5 on 3

Coaches' Corner, Philosophy, Special Teams, Team Systems
The Key to Killing a 5 on 3 is to Have the Right Players on the Ice! Killing a 5 on 3 can be tough. In my opinion, the most important factor is having the right personel on the ice. You'll want to throw out your fastest, smartest players. Players who are good at reading and reacting, anticipating, and keeping their heads on a swivel. The video above outlines my preferred method for killing a 5 on 3, the Rotating Triangle. Enjoy!
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Power Play: “Hybrid” Overload/Umbrella

Special Teams, Team Systems
My favorite power play set-up... The "Hybrid" The "Hybrid" is a very complex power play set-up that has very specific skill requirements for each position. This is a phenomenal set-up IF you have the right personel for the job. If not, it will fall apart badly! Make sure your players understand the "key indicator" that signals the "shift" (see video for details). Doing this will ensure that the timing works out correctly. Also, I like to designate a specific side of the ice to run it from every time to eliminate positional confusion, and to make sure we have the proper shooting hand in the proper spot. Enjoy!
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