How to Install the Sniper’s Edge Indoors

Hockey Equipment, Off-ice Training, Skills
Here's a Quick Tutorial on Installing the Sniper's Edge Indoors A few weeks ago I published a detailed review on the Sniper's Edge, which is a shooting tarp that can fit in the opening of any standard two-car garage. The product is fantastic, and I had a blast putting that review together. You can check it out here: FULL SNIPER'S EDGE REVIEW. Since then, I've relocated to a bigger house (Weiss Tech HQ), and the new house has a pretty big unfinished basement... perfect for my new hockey training facility! Benefits of the Indoor Installation After getting everything moved in, one of the first things I did was install my Sniper's Edge in the basement. As much as I liked it outdoors, I must admit, the indoor install has been…
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