The S3 Formula for Off-ice Training

Off-ice Training, Speed, Strength
Write up from http://coachchic.comHmmmmmmmmm…  My good friend and fellow hockey coach, Jeremy Weiss, just let me in on his new S3 Formula training program, and I think it’s definitely worth sharing with you.If you have a chance to watch the following hockey training video, you’ll see how you might gain a HUGE advantage over your opponent!  And, in keeping with the way of doing things, it’s all about the science of training!Actually, a lot of the information you’ll find in the S3 Formula is scattered within our site.  However, Jeremy has gathered the best advice you can find on off-ice training all in one place.So, go ahead…  Take a look (the video contains really good stuff — and you’re going to learn some pretty valuable background information about training for hockey,…
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