Holiday Hockey via Pops Ryan

Coaches' Corner, Miscellaneous, Philosophy
Happy Holidays from Weiss Tech Hockey! This poem came to me via Pops Ryan, Head Coach of the Rowan University Women's Team. It was too good not to share... I know the feeling! If your patience is tested, and your energy diminished, Stay loyal to your team – the season’s only half finished. If your leader in assists is still the goaltender, Stay true to your dream – show no sign of surrender. If they miss open nets, and are always short-handed Stay upbeat at all times – in Hockey that’s demanded. If you start to lose faith, because your team’s losing ground Remember, it takes just one goal to turn things around So may the rest of this season be nothing but thrills May you be 99% on the…
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Hockey Plus Minus App for iPad

Coaches' Corner, Useful Products
This Hockey Plus Minus App for iPad is a Fast and Easy Way to Track Plus Minus During Games! Anybody who follows my blog knows I'm a huge believer in using technology to enhance hockey coaching. I recently came across an iPad app that I'm really excited about... it's called Hockey Plus Minus. If you check out the app store, you'll see there are a number of hockey stat apps that have begun cropping up, some are really complex with the ability to track tons of different stuff, some are extremely simple, and only track a few things. With all the different options out there, I figured I'd take the chance to throw in my 2 cents worth on the subject. Here are three questions you should ask yourself before…
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