Tom Renney Warm-up

The Tom Renney Warm-up has a little something for every position!

This is a fantastic warm-up drill for more advanced teams. My old junior coach back in Toronto, Kevin Burkett, used to run this with us almost every practice. It’s great because it is high speed, mimics many different game situations, and involves every player on the ice. Here’s your diagram:

tom_renneyTom Renney Warm-Up

Both sides go at the same time. After the dump in and breakout, both defensemen play 2 on 1 against the other line’s forwards.

1. two forwards swing low and receive a pass from the coach, then step over the center line and dump it in.
2. goalie stops the puck for the defenseman, who initiates the breakout, then plays 2 on 1 against forwards from the other line.
3. forwards attack 2 on 1 against the defenseman from the other line

Note: You can start the forwards and defensemen on the same side (as shown in the video), and make sure your players keep their heads up. Or stagger the corners (as shown in the diagram), to avoid congestion in the middle.