3 Man Weave

The 3 Man Weave is a Simple, but Highly Effective Hockey Passing Drill!

Use the 3 Man Weave to teach and reinforce key concepts like timing, support, and offensive zone triangulation. As skill progresses, increase the demand on the players. I like to insist that all my lines are able to get in three stick-to-stick passes before the far blue line, then a controlled attack on net. Here’s the diagram:

3 Man Weave
1. On whistle, center passes to one of the two wingers, who is cutting through the middle for a pass.
2. After making the pass, the passer loops in behind the receiver, providing back-side support, then explodes up ice to become the front side option for the 3rd player.
3. Receiver picks up the pass, then head mans to the 3rd player, who is providing a front-side passing option
4. Passer loops in behind the receiver, and all three players weave down the ice.
5. After crossing the blue line, the puck carrying forward becomes F1 and drives wide, the second forward becomes F2 and drives to the far post, the third forward becomes F3 and trails, thus creating the “Attack Triangle”