1 on 0 Headman is an AWESOME drill. Give it a try!!

I picked up this drill from the Scott Fukami drill collections available to DrillDraw owners. These drill collections are phenomenal, and are filled with hundreds of REALLY GOOD, well-drawn drills. I highly recommend picking up all three drill sets. Here’s the diagram and explanation:

1on0_headman1 on 0 Headman

1. On the whistle, (1) passes a puck to the (D).
2. D to D pass, then a return pass to (1).
3. (1) receives the puck and makes a stretch pass to the “Ghost Man” (Gh), who has skated across the neutral zone.
4. (Gh) takes a shot.
5. (2) passes a puck to the (D).
6. D to D pass, then a return pass to (2)
7. (2) hits (1), who has turned back up the ice.
8. (1) shoots, and (2) becomes the next “Stretch Man”

The drill is continuous with (1) making the next pass to the (D) and the stretch pass to (2).



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