Michigan Tech 1 on 1 Drill

The Michigan Tech 1 on 1 Drill is fantastic for working gap control, passing, agility skating, and many other skills!

This is one of my favorite 1 on 1 drills because you can use it to work on so many different skills. Make sure your forwards swing fairly deep into the zone to receive the breakout pass. This will allow the opposing defenseman time to close the gap properly and play the 1 on 1 the way he or she should in a game.

Also, make sure your defensemen get outside the blue line… that gap MUST be closed, and the defensemen need to be able to get their speed up quickly after the pivot. Here’s the diagram:

michigan_tech_2on1Michigan Tech 1 on 1

1. on whistle, (D) and (F) leave from each side of the ice (4 players at the same time).
2. (D) do a figure 8 around the cones, then make a breakout pass to the (F) swinging through
3. After making the pass, (D) closes gap on the (F) from the opposite line to play him 1 on 1
4. If coach blows the whistle twice, the (F)’s change direction and play the 1 on 1 with the other (D)
5. Coach can blow the whistle multiple times during the same turn. (D) must continue to close the gap with each switch.

Note: This drill can also be run as a 2 on 1 – see second diagram