D to D Stretch Pass

Here’s a Great Stretch Pass Drill to Help Make the Most of Your Full-Ice Practices

I don’t get a ton of full-ice practices in my organization. But when I do, I like to take full advantage of the bigger ice, and work on things that can’t be done on a smaller segment of ice.

Stretch passes, Regroups, and full-ice Timing drills are where I spend my time in the rare occasion I get a full-ice practice.

Here’s a great stretch pass drill to add to your library:

D to D Stretch Pass

  1. Forwards in four lines, two Defense in each end zone
  2. On whistle, first Forward of each diagonal line passes down to the close Defense who makes a D to D pass then hits the Forward, who has become the stretch man.
  3. Forward shoots 1 on 0, then the opposite Forward lines go.

VARIATION: Have the Defenseman who makes the stretch pass close the gap and play 1 on 1 with opposite Forward