Advanced Drill Book: Volume 1

Advanced Drill Book: Volume 1
Series: Advanced Hockey Drills, Book 1
Genre: Hockey Drills
Publisher: Weiss Tech Hockey
Publication Year: 2014

101 Hockey Drills designed specifically for Advanced teams. The drills contained in this book are literally a world-wide compilation. Some are drills I picked up as a player, some are drills I’ve come across from books and other resources, many are drills that have been sent to me from friends, coaches, and acquaintances I’ve met online.

About the Book

“What an amazing compilation of drills!”

Jeremy,  I just purchased the new Advanced Drill book yesterday and just start going through it.  What an amazing compilation of drills.  I coach in Manitoba for a AAA regional team and will certainly be adding these drills to my repertoire.  Thanks so much for continuing to provide coaches with development ideas and resources.

Chris––Manitoba, SK, Canada

“Once again, Jeremy delivers another quality product.”

As someone who has previously purchased the Play Book  I recently purchased Jeremy’s new Advanced Drill Book and am not surprised at the level of organization and quality of the drills packed into it.  If I’m looking for a drill for a specific skill, all I have to do is refer to the table of contents and go from there.  When I find a drill that I like, I stick with it and there are a lot in this book that I already like. Once again, Jeremy delivers another quality product.

Bill––Arizona, USA

“Awesome resource, one that any hockey coach should own.”

I have purchased the Advanced Drill book recently.  It is an awesome resource, one that any hockey coach should own.  I coach Tier 3 hockey in Northern BC and also run a summer hockey school and the book is a great tool for both applications.  I would like to Thank you for this excellent resource.

Dave––BC, Canada

“Drills to take a coach and their team through the entire season.”

I coach a group of ‘AAA’ 9 year old players in Ontario and I have found many great ideas from the Advanced Drill Book this year. There’s enough individual and team skill/tactical drills to take a coach and their team through the entire season. The drills incorporate skills and techniques that are very game situational based.

Great job!

Troy––Ontario, Canada

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