HockeyVision Training Pucks

Train Yourself to Rely Less on Seeing the Puck

HockeyVision Training Pucks are a great way to train yourself to rely less and less on seeing the puck, which will then allow you to stickhandle with your head up, enabling you to see more of the play.

HockeyVision Training Pucks are white, with a black dot in the middle. The black dot comes in three sizes (large, medium, and small). The idea is to work your way down from the large, more-visible dot to small, less-visible dot, training your eye to not have to see as much of the puck while stickhandling.

These pucks are available in on-ice and off-ice models. The on-ice pucks are made of rubber (same as a regulation puck), and the off-ice ones are made of a high-density plastic (HDPE if I’m not mistaken), which allows them to slide really well on flooring tiles or a skill pad.


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State-of-the-Art Hockey Workout Program @

Hockey is one of the few sports where players do little to no off-ice training, outside of what’s mandated by their respective teams… This leave a HUGE opportunity to gain an advantage over your opponent by participating in a structured hockey workout program. So… what makes for a good hockey workout program? Make sure your off-ice hockey training considers the following areas, and incorporates the correct exercises to train them properly:

1. Which energy systems are used in hockey?
2. Which muscle groups are used in hockey?
3. What key athletic movements are most important for hockey?

We have put together an off-ice summer training camp that is 100% hockey specific. As far as I know, it’s the first of its kind. It will take place over 20 weeks, starting the first week in April, and will operate just like a regular off-ice training camp, except that all of the communication will take place via the web.

Check out this new Hockey Workout, and email me if you have any questions!