Shooting: Extreme Passer for 1-Timers

The Extreme Passer is an Awesome Tool for Working on your One-Timer!

Every once in a while, a product comes along that just makes sense. The Extreme Passer is one of them. This device is simple, but very versatile in how it can be used.

The Extreme Passer clamps or screws onto any shooting pad synthetic ice surface, and can then be used as a “passing buddy” to feed you passes for one-time shots (as we’re demonstrating in this post), or as a rebounder to actually practice your passing technique (as we’ll show in an upcoming post).

When you open up your Extreme Passer, the first thing you’ll notice is that it is super heavy duty. It’s thick enough that will stay stable as you fire passes off it. Set-up is easy, just tighten the knobs to secure the Extreme Passer onto your pad, then you’re off and running!

The Extreme Passer can be purchased as a stand alone unit if you already have a pad, or as part of the Extreme Passing Kit (One-Timer Model) which includes a huge 4′ x 8′ shooting pad.

One piece of advice: The more stable the surface underneath your pad, the better results you’ll have with the passer, especially if you’re using it on a flexible shooting pad like the roll up pad that comes with the Extreme Passing Kit.

Czech 1-Timer Drill

Here’s a great half-ice drill to work on 1-timers!

Being able to take a 1-time shot in a game situation is an extremely important skill. However, most coaches (myself included!) don’t allocate enough time in practices to let players develop this skill. Here’s a quick-paced 1-timer drill that will help get your players’ shots harder and more accurate! Here’s the diagram and explanation:

czech_1-timerCzech 1-Timer Drill

1. player 1 walks in and fires a hard bank pass into the quiet zone (area behind the net)
2. player 2 picks it up then hits player 1 for a one-time shot
3. coach fires a puck into the corner as the shot is being taken
4. after shooting, the player 1 peels off into the corner to pick up the dump in, then steps out and hits player 2, who has taken back some ice, for a one-time shot