Full Speed Power Play Passing Sequence

Full Speed Power Play Passing Sequence

I use the Full Speed Power Play Passing Sequence to simulate the patterns and passing lanes players will see in game situations. The idea for this drill is to instill the mindset of “Set-up, Attack, Rebound, then back to Set-up.” All executed at top speed. Here’s the diagram and explanation:

Full Speed Power Play Passing Sequence

1. Player’s line up in proper position for your team’s power play set-up (in this case it’s the “hybrid” set-up)
2. Place cones in positions where the opposing defenders will likely be
3. Work through your attack options, in order from highest probability to lowest
4. Focus on running through “set-up, attack, rebound, and back to set-up,” with crisp passes, always executing at full speed



Skating Power

Hockey speed is attained by combining Skating Power, and Foot Speed. A player will never achieve his or her full skating potential until both skills have been acquired, and perfected.

As you begin work on skating with your team, begin with power and technique… then add foot speed. As you increase the tempo of your skating drills, don’t let your players sacrifice technique for foot speed. Players must be able to move their feet at full speed while maintaining a technically sound stride!