Full Speed Power Play Passing Sequence

Full Speed Power Play Passing Sequence

I use the Full Speed Power Play Passing Sequence to simulate the patterns and passing lanes players will see in game situations. The idea for this drill is to instill the mindset of “Set-up, Attack, Rebound, then back to Set-up.” All executed at top speed. Here’s the diagram and explanation:

Full Speed Power Play Passing Sequence

1. Player’s line up in proper position for your team’s power play set-up (in this case it’s the “hybrid” set-up)
2. Place cones in positions where the opposing defenders will likely be
3. Work through your attack options, in order from highest probability to lowest
4. Focus on running through “set-up, attack, rebound, and back to set-up,” with crisp passes, always executing at full speed



Faceoffs: Defensive Zone

A few Defensive Zone Faceoff options that have worked well for me in the past

I like to have VERY structured positioning and responsibilities in my defensive zone play––including faceoffs!! This particular set-up will leave you in great position for a breakout if we win the draw, and great position for defensive zone coverage if we lose the draw. Either way we are covered!

This set-up also allows for a few “more aggressive” options that I like to use every now and then to catch the other team off guard.


Power Play: “Hybrid” Overload/Umbrella

My favorite power play set-up… The “Hybrid”

The “Hybrid” is a very complex power play set-up that has very specific skill requirements for each position. This is a phenomenal set-up IF you have the right personel for the job. If not, it will fall apart badly!

Make sure your players understand the “key indicator” that signals the “shift” (see video for details). Doing this will ensure that the timing works out correctly. Also, I like to designate a specific side of the ice to run it from every time to eliminate positional confusion, and to make sure we have the proper shooting hand in the proper spot.


Power Play: Umbrella

The Umbrella is a solid power play set-up that can be very difficult to defend against if run well

The Umbrella is a very common power play set-up at higher levels of play. The reason for this is that it is extremely effective when run well. Remember to structure your set-up using players that fit each position’s “job description,” including what way they shoot.

The Umbrella works very well when two cross-ice passes occur before the shot (see video for examples). This helps to hang the goalie out to dry, and can really mess up the opposition’s penalty kill.


Power Play: Overload

The Overload can be a great power play set-up to start with…

Because of its simplicity, the Overload is a really good power play set-up for youngsters. However, it also offers enough options that it can be very effective at older, more advanced levels of play as well.

I believe the Overload is a fundamental set-up that every player should know. Having a solid understanding of its principles will allow players to be effective in more complex power play set-ups like the “Hybrid” Power Play we discuss here.