Penalty Kill: Expanded Wedge +1

The Expanded Wedge +1 is strategically very similar to the “Sagging” Zone Arrow d-zone coverage

The Expanded Wedge +1 is even more aggressive than the Wedge +1, and is very similar to the “Sagging” Zone Arrow defensive zone coverage set-up.

You need fast players that anticipate well to use this one, but if executed properly, it can be extremely effective. Remember, if the opposing team brings a second man to the front of the net, you either have to switch to a different PK system, or concede one of the passing lanes.


Penalty Kill: Simple Box

The Simple Box is strategically very similar to the Box +1 d-zone coverage

Our penalty kill set-ups closely mirror the characteristics of each of our defensive zone coverage systems. In this case, our Simple Box is very similar to the Box +1. It is great for covering the front of your net, but it is not very aggressive. So don’t expect to get the puck back very quickly.

This can be a great “starter pk” for youngsters or inexperienced players. However, you should quickly work toward implementing one of the more advanced penalty kill set-ups such as the Wedge +1 or Expanded Wedge +1.


4 on 4 and PK Forecheck

Penalty kill forecheck and 4 on 4 philosophies

On a 4 on 4, the philosophy is simple: treat it like a power play when you have the puck, or when the puck is loose; treat it like a penalty kill when the other team has it.

I recommend using your standard penalty kill forecheck when playing a 4 on 4. See the section on the Modified “T” Forecheck for the full explanation.

Defensive Zone Coverage:
Again, I recommend using your standard penalty kill coverage when playing a 4 on 4. Pick whichever one suits your team’s strengths and weaknesses.

Offensive Set-up:
Run a modified version of your current power play set-up. A four-man overload is very doable (think about getting the weak-side defenseman to slide down into the slot from time to time). A four-man umbrella is also very doable.