Bednár Skating Warm-up Drill

Bednár Skating Warm-up Drill

I’ve got a good buddy out in Slovakia who sends me great drills on a regular basis. I usually test them out with my teams, then pass the best ones along to you guys. I’m naming this hockey warm-up drill after him, the Bednár Skating Warm-up Drill. Here’s the diagram:

bednar_skating_warmupBednár Skating Warm-up Drill

1. Players skate the patterns, with pucks, as diagrammed.
2. First player of each line goes at the same time.
3. The next player goes ones he receives the pass from the first player of the other line.
4. Drill is perpetual.

Note: Make sure to have players execute at full speed, while maintaining good puck control, and staying low on the pivots.



Post Awareness Drill

This is a great 3-sequence goalie drill that works on many different aspects of Post Awareness

This post awareness drill offers lots of possibilities. If you want to progress past just taking shots on this drill, give the players the option to carry the puck across the net/zone before they shoot.

Here are the goalie’s objectives on this drill:

1. Post Awareness
2. Rebound Control and Recovery
3. Post Recovery
4. Post-knee-up position (Post Load)

Here’s the diagram and drill explanation:

post_awareness_drillPost Awareness Drill
1. Goalie starts on the post
2. Player 1 leaves without puck, pivots from forward to backward at about the hashmarks, and receives a pass from Player 2
3. After receiving the pass, Player 1 pivots and skates forward around the far cone, then drives to the high slot for a shot on goal
4. Goalie follows the puck, squaring up to the shot
5. After the shot, Player 1 positions himself for a rebound. Goalie gets back to the post with urgency
6. Player 2 drives around the middle cone (with puck), and takes shot. Player 1 jumps on the rebound if it’s within the green area
7. After Player 2’s shot and rebound, Player 1 gets back in line. Player two positions himself for Player 3’s rebound. Goalie gets back to the post.
8. Player 3 drives around the low cone and shoots. Player 2 rebounds, then gets back in line. Player 3 positions himself for a rebound, and the drill repeats.