Shooting: Hockey Radar Gun iPhone App

Track the Speed of your Hockey Shot with this Radar Gun iPhone App!

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by the developers of a new iPhone app called Speedhero. I took a look at a few of their YouTube videos, and was blown away by what I saw:

The folks down at Speedhero have come up with a way to track the speed of a shot using your phone!

It all centers around a basic equation you’ve probably seen before D=RxT (Distance = Rate x Time). If you have any two of these components, you can figure out the third. With Speedhero, you program in your “Distance” from the goal, then it uses the microphone in your iPhone to pick up two important sounds: your stick hitting the puck, and the puck hitting the target. By tracking those two points of impact, we now have “Time” to go along with our “Distance.” From there, the program can calculate the “Rate” at which the puck arrived. Pretty sweet!

One quick thing I should mention. The current version of Speedhero for the iPhone was designed primarily for Soccer. I contacted the developers, and asked what the difference would be for hockey. I was told there are differences in the flight patterns of a puck vs a ball, and that those differences should be accounted for in the algorithm. So, when the hockey version comes out it will be a bit more accurate for us hockey players. However, this is still a fun and inexpensive way to track your progress over the summer. ENJOY!

4-Pass Hockey Warm-Up Drill

4-Pass Hockey Warm-up Drill

Here’s a fast-paced warm-up drill that incorporates skating, passing, and shooting. Plus it works multiple angles for the goalies. As always, here’s the diagram and explanation:

4-pass_warm-up4-Pass Warm-Up

1. 4 lines on the goal line with pucks.
2. Line 1 skates up to blue line, turns toward line 3 and receives a pass from line 3, then turns up ice and attacks 1 on 0
3. Line 2 receives from line 4, line 3 from line 1, and line 4 from line 2



My weight set from high school…

Had a makeshift workout at my parents’ house today. Not a bad home gym to tell you the truth. This is what I used all throughout high school!

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