3 Pass and Shot Drill

The 3 Pass and Shot Drill is Great to Warm-up Your Passing and Timing

The “3 Pass and Shot Drill” is a great Hockey Drill that can be utilized in many different practice scenarios. I like to use it as a warm-up drill, but it can also be used to develop passing and timing concepts, or to work on one-touch passes or shooting. Here’s the diagram:

3_pass_shot3 Pass and Shot Drill

1. Players line up in two lines, at the blue lines
2. Each line has pucks
3. On the whistle, the first player from each line skates across the blue line and receives a pass from the opposite line
4. The receiver controls the pass and gives a pass back to the player who passed to him
5. After giving the return pass, the player circles around, presenting himself as an option in the receiving zone, where he receives a pass from the line he originally left from
6. Receiver turns up ice and takes a shot, then skates to the back of the other line



Wiseman Drill

Click Here for a printout of the Wiseman Drill you can take to the rink with you.

The “Wiseman Drill,” named after one of my old coaches, is a great passing and timing drill (one of my favorites!). This drill incorporates many game simulation concepts such as one-touch passes, timing, support, offensive attack, and odd-man rushes. Furthermore, there are numerous variations and options you can work through with your team. So be creative, and have some fun with this one!

Center Lag Timing Drill

The Center Lag Timing Drill

Timing in hockey is a skill that requires not only physical ability, but mental ability as well. It is not uncommon to see young players buzzing around in practices or games – they appear to only have one speed: FULL SPEED. Since they’re working hard, they think they’re doing a good job… In reality, it is the player who arrives in the right spot, at the right time, with speed that will be the most effective.

Teach your players to pass to designated receiving areas, not necessarily to players. The responsibility lies with the receiver to make the play work. The receiver must select the proper route to the receiving zone so that he or she arrives on time, with speed. He or she must be ready to receive the puck when the passer is ready to move the puck, that’s timing! Here’s the diagram:

center_lag_timingCenter Lag Timing Drill

1. Players line up in opposite corners
2. On whistle, 2 players leave from each line
3. First player from each line leaves without puck, skates up to the blue line and cuts across (staying on side)
4. Second player from each line leaves with puck, skates up and hits the first player of the opposite line in receiving zone
5. Receiver takes puck wide
6. Passer drives the net
7. After driving wide, first player passes across to the second player for the one-timer

– Have second player trail as the lag man for a drop pass instead of driving the net
– Add a third player as a defenseman to play a 1 on 1, or as a forward for a 3 on 0
– Utilize other attack options such as a misdirection in the zone followed by a cycle to the second player supporting
– Be creative!