Power Play: Umbrella

The Umbrella is a solid power play set-up that can be very difficult to defend against if run well

The Umbrella is a very common power play set-up at higher levels of play. The reason for this is that it is extremely effective when run well. Remember to structure your set-up using players that fit each position’s “job description,” including what way they shoot.

The Umbrella works very well when two cross-ice passes occur before the shot (see video for examples). This helps to hang the goalie out to dry, and can really mess up the opposition’s penalty kill.


Power Play: Overload

The Overload can be a great power play set-up to start with…

Because of its simplicity, the Overload is a really good power play set-up for youngsters. However, it also offers enough options that it can be very effective at older, more advanced levels of play as well.

I believe the Overload is a fundamental set-up that every player should know. Having a solid understanding of its principles will allow players to be effective in more complex power play set-ups like the “Hybrid” Power Play we discuss here.