Figure 8 Shooting and Deflection

Figure 8 Shooting and Deflection is a Great Shooting Drill

Here’s a quick and effective hockey shooting drill that incorporates shots from the points, and deflections in front of the net. I like to run this drill from both ends so the forwards get plenty of chances to execute. Encourage your defensemen to fire low, hard shots on net that the forwards will be able to deflect. This is a great game simulation drill for everybody! Here’s the explanation:

fig8_shootingFigure 8 Shooting and Deflection
1. Forwards & Defensemen line up as shown
2. First forward passes to the near defenseman, then skates around the top of the circle and drives the net.
3. Far defenseman fires a low, hard shot for a deflection
4. Forward deflects the puck then skates around the other circle and drives the net again.
5. Defenseman who received the initial pass fires a low, hard shot for a deflection.
6. Forward deflects the puck then stops in front of the net to screen the goalie and get ready for the third shot.
7. Middle defenseman fires a low, hard shot. Forward deflects it then drives in any rebound.


Wiseman Drill

Click Here for a printout of the Wiseman Drill you can take to the rink with you.

The “Wiseman Drill,” named after one of my old coaches, is a great passing and timing drill (one of my favorites!). This drill incorporates many game simulation concepts such as one-touch passes, timing, support, offensive attack, and odd-man rushes. Furthermore, there are numerous variations and options you can work through with your team. So be creative, and have some fun with this one!