Defensive Zone Coverage: Sagging Zone in Action

Sagging Zone Coverage

Sagging Zone Coverage is one of my favorite Defensive Zone Coverage setups of all time. I love the fact that you can be aggressive, create turnovers, but at the same time never be out-manned in front of your own net.

sagging zone imageIn this clip, we see Team Canada execute Sagging Zone Coverage masterfully. This is performed almost exactly how we describe it here – D-Zone Coverage: “Sagging” Zone

The only real difference is that they interchange positions more often than you’d usually see at younger age groups.


Positional vs Tactical Play in Hockey

Positional vs Tactical Play in Hockey

We talk a lot about positional play on this blog. Positional play is extremely important, but it’s only part of the equation! There are tactical elements that must be executed in any given scenario for the positioning to be worth anything. In other words, it’s great to be in the right place at the right time… but if you are doing the WRONG thing while you’re there, it’s useless!

control_stick-1Controlling the Stick
There are many instances in games where positional and tactical must be executed together. In this video you see situation where the Team Canada has a positional mix-up, and a forward ends up playing defense. He does a good job covering for the defenseman positionally, but tactically he makes the mistake of not controlling the Slovakian player’s stick, and it results in a goal against.

Hope this helps!