Mohawk Agility Drill

Mohawk Agility Drill

The Mohawk Agility Drill can be used with cones, sticks, “Attack Triangles,” SweetHands, or any other hockey obstacle. More creative obstacles produce more creative players in this drill. Here’s the diagram:

Mohawk Agility Drill

1. Players line up as shown.
2. Puck carrier puts a move on the first stick, skates down around the second stick (putting a move on it), skates up around the top stick (putting a move on it), then shoots.



Use these Dryland Training Kits from HockeyShot to set up Structured, Well-Organized Dryland Sessions with your Team!

I recently had the opportunity to do a detailed review on HockeyShot’s Dryland Training Kits. So I took my boy Tyler down to the tennis courts to have a workout and make some videos. We had a great workout, and had a blast putting these videos together.

These kits are available in three different sets; the Starter Kit, Premium, and Premium Plus. I reviewed the Starter Kit, and was impressed with how much equipment it came with, even for the lowest-priced option! All three kits are fantastic. The main difference it that the Premium and Premium Plus kits come with more equipment (Speed Chutes & Plyo Hurdles)

In this post, I’m including 6 videos that highlight each product in the Starter Kit, and give a few ideas of drills you can run with each piece of equipment. After you pick up your kit, I recommend watching the instructional DVD that comes with it. The DVD contains over 300 drills… definitely enough to get you started! After that, run a YouTube search on additional drills you can do with the equipment. There’s no shortage of options out there!

So – enjoy the videos, and comment below if you have any questions.

HockeyShot Dryland Kits: Intro

HockeyShot’s dryland training kits are an awesome way to set up structured, well-organized dryland sessions for your team. Each starter kit contains 6 Speed Hurdles, 2 Reaction Balls, 4m Agility Ladder with carrying sleeve, 50 Saucer Cones, 6 Jump Ropes, Instructional DVD with TONS of drills, and a nice Transport Bag.

HockeyShot Dryland Kits: Speed Hurdles

These 6″ speed hurdles are great to have in the dryland kit. They are lightweight, yet durable, and there’s a lot of stuff you can do with them, as you can see in the video.

HockeyShot Dryland Kits:
Agility Ladder

One of the most versatile pieces of “quick feet” equipment, the agility ladder is a solid selection for this kit. Agility ladders are great for developing a quick, explosive lower body, but there are some fun upper-body drills you can do with this as well, so make sure you give a quick YouTube search when you get yours.

HockeyShot Dryland Kits:
Jump Rope

Awesome for both agility and endurance drills, the jump rope is a staple for team dryland sessions. This kit comes with 6 durable vinyl speed ropes, with molded PVC handles.

HockeyShot Dryland Kits:
Saucer Cones

Great for use for agility shuttle runs, routes, or wherever else pylons can be used. These saucer cones are a great selection for this kit because they’re flexible, so it won’t hurt if a player lands on one. Simple but the best!

HockeyShot Dryland Kits:
Reaction Ball

The Reaction Ball is the ideal tool for improving eye-hand coordination and reaction time. It’s unique 6-sided design allows the Reaction Ball to pop, bounce and leap unpredictably in different directions. Awesome for goalies!

Slovakian Agility Race

Slovakian Agility Race Drill

Since I started this blog back in 2008, I have met a lot of really cool hockey folks. Believe it or not, it has made me a better coach! I have had the opportunity to exchange drills from coaches all over the world. I make a point to work my way through most of these drills, and pass the best ones on to my “readers” here on the blog.

I usually try to credit the drill to the person who sent it to me. However, many times the drills that come in are in other languages… as is the case with this one from my good buddy Ján Bednár. Ján has sent me A LOT of drills over the past year or so! Since he is from Slovakia, I’ve named most of his drills the “Slovakian ___________” (insert drill description).

So – here you go, another fantastic drill from Ján Bednár, the “Slovakian Agility Race.”

Slovakian Agility Race

1. Player from each line skates through the cones as shown
2. Pivot at each turn
3. Winner takes the puck and tries to score
4. Loser backchecks



Chaos Stickhandling Drill

Hockey Stickhandling: The Chaos Drill

The Chaos Drill is a simple and effective hockey stickhandling drill that is sure to get your team flying! Make sure you stress that your players keep their feet moving through the cones, shoot in stride, and KEEP THEIR HEADS UP! As always, here’s the diagram and explanation:

chaos_drillChaos Drill
1. players line up in corners
2. one player from each line leaves on the whistle
3. players skate full speed through the cones, keeping their heads up, and feet moving the entire time
4. after deking through the cones, players shoot on respective goalies