Center Boundary 2 on 1

Here’s one of my favorite Small Area Games to work 2 on 1’s and quick transitions

The Center Boundary 2 on 1 is a fabulous small area game drill that works on quick transitions and 2 on 1’s in tight areas. Since there are 6 players participating at once, there isn’t a lot of waiting around between turns. Keep the “shifts” short; between 1:00 to 1:30, and make sure the players are going hard the entire time! Here’s the explanation and diagram:

center_line_boundaryCenter Line Boundary 2 on 1

1. Set up a 2 on 1 in each side.
2. Nobody can cross the center line.
3. When the defender gets the puck back, he/she must pass the puck across the line to the forwards on the other side.

Start with 2 on 1, work up to 3 on 2.



Small Area Games: Triangle 1-Timer

Hockey Small Area Games: Triangle 1-Timer

This is a fast-paced, small area game drill that incorporates a lot of one-touch passes and one-timer shots. Works REALLY well with the right group of players. Encourage your players to move the puck quickly and isolate the man.

As always – Click Here for the printout.



PYHL Coaches’ Meeting

What’s up guys! I do a monthly coaches meeting for one of our local leagues here in Utah… We decided to try this month’s meeting online instead of having everyone spend another night at the rink. I’ve had a couple of requests to see the meeting, so I figured I’d post it here. Keep in mind, some of the stuff we’re talking about is specific to our organization, but there’s still some good discussion in here.


PS – I got some of my material on the small area games stuff from Coach Nielson’s recent blog posts at He’s got a great site, with great explanations!

Spice Rebound Activation

Hockey Small Area Games Drills can be a great way to add competition and intensity to your practices

Try using hockey small area games drills to simulate various game situations your players will encounter. This one helps to reenforce shooting and crashing the net for rebounds, as well as odd man play and battles. As always, click here for the printout.