Here’s Another One of my Favorite Hockey Passing Drills

I love this hockey passing drill because it just flows well––especially when you have the right group of players for it. At it’s best, this is a quick-paced, “tic-tac-toe” type of drill. However, if you have the wrong group of players, this drill will grind to a halt pretty quickly. So, just make sure your players are advanced enough before attempting this one! Here’s the diagram and explanation:

spice_fig_8_passingSpice Figure 8 Passing Drill
1. On the whistle, one (F) from each line diagonally across from each other goes.
2. Each (F) takes a few steps forward, then passes to the far (D).
3. The defensemen make a few “D to D” passes, then hit the (F) as he power turns around the far cone.
4. After skating the figure 8 as shown in the diagram, (F) picks up the puck, splits the defensemen, and enters the zone for a shot on net.



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