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This is an Excellent Hockey Breakout Drill to Teach the Patterns of Game Situations

Many hockey situations occur in patterns. This simple hockey breakout drill breaks down these patterns into their simplest form, then puts them back together in sequence to mimic a game situation. Here’s the diagram and explanation:

Hockey Breakout Progression:

1.Set up forwards on the blue line, with defensemen on the close hash mark. Defenseman who is going steps out to the dot
2.On whistle, first forward in line passes to the defenseman, then skates down around the bottom of the circle and opens up for a breakout pass
3.Defenseman skates behind the net, then passes to the forward on the boards, who skates down for a shot

Note: Teach forwards to pivot and keep their eyes on the passer while receiving the pass

1.Same set-up as phase 1
2.On whistle, first forward passes to the defenseman, then skates the same route as in phase one
3.Second forward in line plays the role of the centerman, and “shadows” the defenseman, who is skating the puck behind the net
4.Pass is made to the board-side forward, then a touch pass to the second forward, who is swinging through for support
5.Forwards attack 2 on 0

Note: As players improve, open up the option for a middle breakout to the second forward

1.Same set-up as phases 1 and 2
2.Drill begins the same as in phases 1 and 2, this time we add the third forward as a breakaway man
3.The third forward times the play so he is breaking through the middle for a pass as the second forward receives the pass and gains control of the puck
4.Players attack 3 on 0 using the attack triangle

Note: Be creative with this set-up. Try adding a second defenseman for a D to D pass in stead of skating it behind the net. Open up multiple breakout options.

1.Same set-up as phases 1, 2, and 3, except now it ends in a 3 on 1, or a 3 on 2

Note: Remind forwards to keep their heads up in the neutral zone. Work with your defensemen on judging when and when not to step up and intercept the stretch pass



Terry Iverson
Terry Iverson

Where can I find the first breakout video you referred to that explains the different options for the defenseman to initiate the breakout? Thanks

Brian Moseley
Brian Moseley

what is the mohawk? can you direct me to some video of the mohawk, i\'m really interested to know, thanks.

Jeremy Weiss
Jeremy Weiss

it's a way of turning or pivoting using both inside edges - it's a very versatile move. i call it a mohawk, but there could very well be other names for it. i'll see if i can throw up some footage of it for you.

Jeremy Weiss
Jeremy Weiss

Rob - thanks for your feedback, it's always appreciated! I've got some drills that should help... I'll add it to the list of upcoming posts, so keep an eye out. Thanks again! Jeremy


Hello Jeremy first of all I would like to thank you for the great information on your website it has been a tremedous help to me, I coach 9-10 year olds and would like to find a power play drill in the defensive, neutral and offensive zones, would you have any drills that you can suggest? thanks again Rob


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