Here’s a great half-ice drill to work on 1-timers!

Being able to take a 1-time shot in a game situation is an extremely important skill. However, most coaches (myself included!) don’t allocate enough time in practices to let players develop this skill. Here’s a quick-paced 1-timer drill that will help get your players’ shots harder and more accurate! Here’s the diagram and explanation:

czech_1-timerCzech 1-Timer Drill

1. player 1 walks in and fires a hard bank pass into the quiet zone (area behind the net)
2. player 2 picks it up then hits player 1 for a one-time shot
3. coach fires a puck into the corner as the shot is being taken
4. after shooting, the player 1 peels off into the corner to pick up the dump in, then steps out and hits player 2, who has taken back some ice, for a one-time shot



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