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Evolution Stick Rack

Declutter Your Training Space with the Evolution Stick Rack

If you’re anything like me, your home training center probably gets cluttered pretty quickly. We’ve got 3 boys, who all play… So we’ve got their sticks, my sticks, plus a few random lacrosse sticks, always out and in the way. Needless to say, the Evolution Stick Rack has been a great product to keep our training center decluttered!

Stick Rack Review - YouTubeDesign
The stick rack features a simple design, that allows for some versatility with the install. Mount it higher up on the wall, and hang your sticks in the stick rack by the knob; or mount it lower, and set the sticks in it like a conventional stick rack. The double-decker design gives you hanging options, keeps your sticks from swinging, and also serve as a shelf for small items such as tape, pucks, and stick wax.

The mounting process is simple, and took me about 30 seconds. The mounting holes are positioned the same distance apart as standard studs are placed, so you should be able to drive each screw into a stud. The screws are included with the stick rack, so it’s literally, open the box, mount the stick rack, and use it. No trips to the hardware store!

As I said above, the design and installation are super simple, and the stick rack performs as it’s supposed to. This has been a great addition to my training room, and I definitely recommend picking one up for yours!


Fast Hands Review

Fast Hands will Help You Develop Soft, Smooth, Fast, Precise Hands

I recently had the chance to try out the Fast Hands hockey stickhandling training aid. It quickly became one of my favorite pieces of stickhandling equipment of all time! Here’s what it’s all about:

Fast Hands is shaped like a half-octagon, and has five openings, which are just tall enough for a puck to slide under. Each opening has a number, which allows you to prescribe drill sequences to work on various stickhandling skills (i.e. 4, 1, 2, 3)

As good a product as Fast Hands is, what REALLY makes it great is to use the drill sequences from the Fast Hands video. Getting your reps in on the prescribed movements will improve your hands FAST. I improved just making the review video above.

Check out this video for all 25 Fast Hands drills:

My Experience:
My experience with Fast Hands is pretty straight forward: It has been AWESOME. Simple design, lots of versatility, tons of drills, and you can use it both on and off the ice!

Green Biscuit Among the Top 20 Products of Walmart’s “On the Shelf” Contest

Green Biscuit Pro


Olympic 2014 PucksGreen Biscuit has made it to the Top 20 of Walmart’s “On the Shelf” contest. This is awesome news for Green Biscuit and for our game as a whole! I wanted to take a minute and fill you in on how the competition works, what’s already happened, and where it goes from here. Here we go!

On the Shelf
The competition started back in July–Walmart asked people to submit their products. From there, Walmart picked hundreds of products, then the public voted on their favorites until the end of September. The products that had the most public votes made it to the top 20 finalists.

For the competition, Green Biscuit will be debuting three new pucks:

  1. Green Biscuit Pro
  2. The pink “Blush” puck
  3. And a special line of pucks for the 2014 Sochi Olympics that feature country flags in the center. (These ones are so cool!)

The Top 20
The Top 20 products are broken down into categories, and each product has a webisode created as a feature on the contest site. Green Biscuit will be competing in the “Kids Stuff” category, and their webisode will air October 8th.

After the webisode airs, voting is open for a limited time. Our webisode airs October 8th and voting closes October 11th, 2013. The product with the most votes will move onto the next round. From there, the product that receives the most preorders will win.

How Can We help?
We’re asking the hockey community to help support Green Biscuit in their quest for the “On the Shelf” Championship. There are a few ways we can do this:

  1. Tune in to the Webisode October 8th at
  2. Follow Green Biscuit on their Website, Facebook, and Twitter, to keep updated with reminders on voting
  3. VOTE for Green Biscuit before October 11th, 2013!

The SportScreen

The SportScreen is an Awesome Product to Save Your Garage

Obviously, I do a lot of hockey training from home. So far, things have been great. My kids are improving (and so am I), and the equipment I’ve been working with is holding up great! However, I had one vulnerability in my set-up. I have a wall in the basement with two windows. If I ring the puck off the post just right, it ricochets off and hits the window (it has already happened a few times).

When I heard about SportScreen, I immediately thought it could be an excellent solution for my window issue… I was right!






sportscreen installationUnboxing the SportScreen:
When you unbox your SportScreen, I recommend opening the instructions and doing a quick inventory. There are quite a few pieces, so make sure you’re not missing anything.

QUICK TIP: The folks down at SportScreen love to stack pieces inside each other. So if you’re missing anything, check inside all the tubes before calling in your missing piece!

After taking inventory, give a quick read through the instructions, decide the mounting style you’re going to use, then have at it!

Installation Process:
Installing the SportScreen took me about 2 hours. The process is pretty straightforward if you follow the instructions. Here’s what I did:

  1. Assemble the header tube. It comes in three pieces. Stick the pieces together, then secure them with the self-tapping screws
  2. Hang the mounting brackets. This will vary depending on what you’re drilling into. For me, I mounted a 2×4 to my basement wall using a stud gun, then attached the brackets to the wood. It’s holding up great!
  3. Insert the header tube. If you’ve spaced the brackets properly, the header tube will slide right into place. Make sure you use the cotter pin to keep it from working it’s way out.
  4. Attach the screen. Hook the screen to the header tube using the velcro paneling that’s attaches to both the screen and the tube.
  5. Set your height stops. Use the wand tool that comes with your SportScreen to set the ascending stop and the descending stop. This will make it so you never have to manually stop it.
  6. Insert rods. Put the heavy, metal rod in the bottom slot, and the lighter, plastic rod in the slot that’s about half-way up the screen. The rods help it to hang properly, and make it so the pucks hit with a “dead bounce.”
  7. Test remote. The remote usually comes programmed for your SportScreen. If, for some reason, yours isn’t, just plug in the SportScreen, and hold down the up button while you hear the 5 beeps. Now your remote is programmed!
  8. Mount your remote holder somewhere convenient.

Usability & Functionality:
Assembly is the hard part (even thought it’s not that hard). Once you’re set up, using the SportScreen is literally as easy as pushing a button. Lower it down when you need to use it, raise it back up when you’re done!

Functionally the SportScreen does EVERYTHING it claims to do, and protects your house, cars, garage door, and windows from flying pucks! It’s also a great targeting system if you decide to use it that way.

Bongo Board for Improved Hockey Balance

Use the Bongo Board to Improve your Hockey Balance While Away from the Rink!

I recently had the chance to test out a number of new products from HockeyShot’s balance line. I’m a big believer that developing balance and coordination off the ice can lead to improved performance on the ice. The first product I tested out was the 20″ Wobble Board. The next product I checked out was the Bongo Board, which is shown in the video above.



At first glance, the Bongo Board looks like a skate board without wheels. It’s made of solid maple plywood, and has a non-slip surface on the top. The underside of the Bongo Board has the track, with the bungee cord, which fits with the double ball bearing wheel system. The construction is durable, and able to withstand the rigors of regular usage.

The Bongo Board will take some practice before you’ll be able to use it effectively. Although once you’ve figured it out, it’s a lot of fun (and a great workout too!). Athletes with a skateboarding background will likely pick it up faster than I did.

Once you’ve got the hang of it, there’s a lot of stuff you can do:

  • Kick Flips
  • Ollies
  • 180’s
  • etc…

Obviously… for hockey, you’re going to want to “Bongo” while stickhandling!

The benefits of using the Bongo Board are pretty obvious for hockey:

  • Improved Balance & Control
  • Increased Coordination
  • More Strength in Calves and Ankles
  • Variety of Power Exercises that Executed
  • Great way to develop “independent” Hands & Feet (hands and feet are active together, working on different things)

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