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Holiday Hockey via Pops Ryan

Happy Holidays from Weiss Tech Hockey!

photo copyThis poem came to me via Pops Ryan, Head Coach of the Rowan University Women’s Team. It was too good not to share… I know the feeling!

If your patience is tested, and your energy diminished,
Stay loyal to your team – the season’s only half finished.
If your leader in assists is still the goaltender,
Stay true to your dream – show no sign of surrender.
If they miss open nets, and are always short-handed
Stay upbeat at all times – in Hockey that’s demanded.
If you start to lose faith, because your team’s losing ground
Remember, it takes just one goal to turn things around

So may the rest of this season be nothing but thrills
May you be 99% on the penalty kills.
May each bouncing puck wind up on your stick,
May your D-Guys stand tall and your danglers be sick.
May a buzz fill the stands, may the arena be packed
May the whole hockey world know that your team’s really jacked.
May the night’s final horn sound with you One Goal up
May you defy all the odds …and may you drink from the Cup!

Pops Ryan

Happy Holidays from Weiss Tech Hockey!

Have you joined Hockey Community yet?

Hockey Community is the future of rec hockey organization!

A few months ago I came in contact with Alex Toulemond, developer of Hockey Community, a place where hockey players can connect with other players in their own community to start teams, join existing teams, and find other playing opportunities at their local rinks! The site is brand new, but I believe it has the potential to become a staple for rec hockey players everywhere.

In the video above, I show you a few of the key features at Hockey Community, but you really have to go check it out yourself! Here’s the link:


This site is picking up steam fast, they’ve already been featured on CBC… check this out!!

You’re gonna love this site, check it out today!


Slapshot Challenge

Slapshot Challenge

As you know, I’m a HUGE advocate of improving your game during the off-season. I’ve found that the off-season is a time where you can make massive gains in strength and speed, as well as a time where you can fine tune other elements of your game like shooting and stickhandling.

My attitude toward the benefits off-season training is part of the reason I got so excited when my good buddy Jeremy Rupke over at howtohockey.com told me about his idea to create the Slapshot Challenge. He is challenging every hockey player to improve their slapshot this summer, and will be coming out with loads of material to help you along the way. Here’s a quick video with the details:

I’ve known Jeremy for a while now, and he is a great hockey guy who definitely knows his stuff… check it out, and sign up to participate!

Here’s the link:




Easton S19 Z-Shock Helmet

This looks pretty sweet!

Posted via web from Jeremy Weiss’ Posterous

Cool New Site: The Hockey Community

The Hockey Community, Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Delta, Surrey Ice Rinks

“The Hockey Community” categorizes all of the “hockey happenings” in your local area.

A few weeks ago I was introduced to a new hockey site that has the potential to make a serious impact on local hockey. The main idea behind The Hockey Community is to merge all the rinks’ schedules and the drop-in hockey games on the same website. Through a very simple form you can find stick and puck, public skating, drop-in hockey game and much more.

They just rolled out all the local hockey info in the Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby and Delta areas, but they are planning to add more and more cities. I can’t wait until Salt Lake is on the list 🙂

This is actually a student’s project from an engineer school, so if you have more ideas, tell them, they might be able to include the functionality you’re looking for.

Either way… this is a great site, with a lot of potential – take a look and see what you think!!

Visit them at http://thehockeycommunity.com or join them on Facebook.

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