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Weiss Tech Coaching Clinics: On-Ice Skill Development in Action

We recently published Part 1 of a video series designed to help coaches formulate their on-ice development processes with their teams. Over the past 4 days since the video went live, we’ve received a lot of AWESOME feedback from our coaches. Here are a few examples of emails that have come in:

Great video as always! Well presented, well organized and well explained.

Good video and topic. Far to many coaches lose patience when teaching for skill acquirement. They see the players struggle and not understand what it is they are trying to teach them. […] Thanks again for putting the video out and I am looking forward to your Coaching Clinic.

This is great stuff!  I really liked this video explaining the use of progressions. I am really pumped to participate in your clinic!  I’m always craving more knowledge.

Just watched part 1. Well done,  I know that these videos and topics you will be discussing will be very helpful to me.

I would like to personally thank you for this detailed break down, it will be very useful this September for me. […] Thank you very much. if you’ll ever come in Italy i’ll buy you a drink 😉

There were many more, just like these. Thank you for your feedback!

The purpose of this series is to give you a sample of the type of instruction you can expect in our upcoming clinics; and to give you some useful content in the process!

  • Part one discusses what I call “Development Sequences,” and gives an overview of the different goals, objectives, and drill types that should be used as you bring your players through various types of skill development.
  • Part two shows you what this on-ice skill development will look like in action, with some actual practice footage.

So, let’s get straight to it. Here’s part 2––On-Ice Development in Action:


If this video was helpful, make sure you get on our email list so you’ll be sure to be in the loop as we get closer to the registration date for the clinics.





Czech Race

Czech Race is an Intense, Sprint Race

This one is a great, full-speed sprint race. Lots of intensity, and good opportunity for some physical contact.

czech_raceCzech Race:
1. Players line up on red lines
2. On the whistle, two players across from each other race to the puck
3. The player who gets to the puck first shoots, other player backchecks
4. On the next whistle the other two players go the other way


Bednar Escape Race

Here’s a Fun Competition Drill that can be Run Half-Ice

I picked this one up from by good friend Jan Bednar, out in Slovakia. This one is great for full-speed agility skating, and works power turns and pivots, forward and backward.

bednar_escapeBednar Escape Race:
1. On whistle, first player from each corner leaves and skates the route shown
2. Full power turns around each cone, pivot backwards around the bottom quarter of the circle
3. Race to the puck, player who gets there first shoots, other player backchecks


Michigan Mile – Hockey Conditioning Drill

This Hockey Conditioning Drill Give a Perfect 3:1 Rest-to-Work Ratio

The Michigan Mile is one of my favorite Hockey Conditioning Drills. I picked it up from my old assistant coach, Josh Burkart, who grew up in Michigan. I love it because it’s short, explosive bursts of speed, and can be done in a variety of ways. It also offers an optimal 3:1 rest-to-work ratio, which is perfect for hockey players. Here’s the diagram and explanation:

michigan_mileMichigan Mile:
Four groups, on blues, facing each other. As soon as group 1 finishes, group 2 goes. Then 3, then 4, then back to 1.

1. red line and back – 5 push-ups
2. far blue line and back – 5 push-ups
3. red, back, far blue, back – 5 push-ups
4. far blue, red, far blue, back – 5 push-ups
5. red, back, far blue, back – 5 push-ups
6. far blue line and back – 5 push-ups
7. red line and back – 5 push-ups

Variations: Sit-ups instead of push-ups; down on knees at each stop; add pucks; etc.


1 on 1 Swedish Overspeed Drill

Here’s a Great 1 on 1 Drill that Works Skating, Pivots, and Gap Control

In this drill, we develop passing, skating, gap control, and a number of other skills. This drill can also be developed into a regroup drill (see Option 2). Here’s the diagram and explanation:


1on1swedishoverspeed21 on 1 Swedish Overspeed Drill:

1. On the whistle, the F makes a pass to the D.
2. The F skates across the ice and receives a return pass.
3. The D follows up the ice.
4. The F skates around the centre ice circle and goes 1 on 1 with the D.

1. After the F skates around the centre ice circle, the F makes a pass to the D, and turns to the boards.
2. The D makes a board pass and closes the gap in the neutral zone.
3. The F turns back for a 1 on 1.


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